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It's Not Your Fault: How You Are wired To Eat.
The macronutrient wars have raged for over 50 years, with billions of dollars spent on the pathophysiology of overeating, but are we healthier? Unfortunately, no, we are not. Metabolically derived conditions ranging from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions continue to increase, both in number of those affected and cost to society, but why? Do we lack fiber, be it moral or digestive? Do we eat too many carbs, or too few? Perhaps our myopic, reductionist approach to health research has ignored the larger evolutionary biology story of how our neuroregulation of appetite was forged for another time and another way of life. If this is true, addressing these problems may require an approach concerned less with calories and morality and more focussed on the appetite signals produced not just by our food, but also circadian biology, stress and gut microbiome.

May 18, 2022 03:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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