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The Big Fat Surprise - Nina Teicholz
Join the CrossFit Health Webinar on Wednesday, September 28th, at 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET, as we discuss claims that fat in our diet is a risk for disease with author and investigative journalist Nina Teicholz.

For years we have all been told to avoid fat in our diets. There have been many claims that fat in your diet is a risk factor for disease. To reduce risk, natural fats were replaced with trans-fats, which ended up being a complete metabolic disaster. When trans-fats were removed from food, it wasn’t replaced with natural fats, but with sugar. Since then we’ve seen chronic disease rates rise at an alarming pace. So, what is the deal with natural fats? Are they really bad for us or were those recommendations wrong? The unthinkable: that everything we thought we knew about dietary fat is wrong.


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